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Brineton Engineering offer a wide range of spares for vintage cars. These components are manufactured to the exacting standards people have come to expect from our machining services
Photograph courtesey of Bill Patterson, Northern Ireland
We currently offer parts for vintage Bugatti, Bentley and Alfa Romeo cars but will always consider making parts for other marques if within our capacity.
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A new batch of Brescia cam shafts are now in stock. Timing is 60-18-18-60 which has proved to be very successful, giving good low down torque as well as good power at higher revs. There really is no point in fitting wild cams to an engine which by virtue of its stroke, is limited to some 5000rpm.
Stub axles for most types can now be supplied. Bugatti T43 illustrated
Beware of gears not of Brineton manufacture
The Following email was received from Philippe Jaillon:-

Dear Michael

I would like to stress how satisfied I am with your constant mesh gearbox that I installed during the spring time on my T44.

In June I drove the car fromParis to Saint-Moritz, Switzerland, to participate in the International Ralley. We spent there five exciting days, climbing all the high and difficult passes of the region, including the most famous STELVIO (2800m) Changing the gears is now so easy, it works like a dream and in the mountains it makes life easier and safer.

I went back to my home through Annecy, Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand, totalling 2800KM, everything always in perfect running order.

Many thanks to the Brineton team for this brilliant gearbox !

Happy year end and best wishes for 2009

Philippe Jaillon, France

Should have used a Brineton crank
Rear axle ratios
Many Bugatti's, including 8 cylinder cars, were fitted with 13x54, or even 12x56 ratio, crown wheel and pinions, which with our modern roads are now unsuitable. 15x54 crown wheel and pinions are interchangeable with lower ratios and can make higher speed cruising much more acceptable. The higher ratio does also increase speeds in lower gears but with the smooth engagement of ceramic clutch plates does not cause a problem, particularly when in traffic. Typical speeds when using 30" (762mm) rolling diameter tyres, with different ratios are as follows:
12x56 ratio=4.67 speed/1000 rpm=19.0 mph (30.4 km/hr)
13x54 ratio=4.15 speed/1000 rpm=21.5 mph (34.4 km/hr)
14x54 ratio=3.86 speed/1000 rpm=23.1 mph (37.0 km/hr)
15x54 ratio=3.60 speed/1000 rpm=24.8 mph (39.7 km/hr)

Brescia crown wheel and pinion 12x45
T30 onwards crown wheel and pinion 15x54